Friday, February 21, 2014

My Thoughts Are Free - My Data, However, Is Not!

I use both Box and Dropbox for sharing files with my clients, friends and family. Got a note from Dropbox clarifying their policy toward providing information to the government. That the new "policy" likely reflects a response to government snooping in their customers' data is, to say the least, troubling.

One could get upset about all this, but given the rather grim picture of the world's end given by the Christian and Hebrew prophets, there seems little point.  I've therefore decided that since the world is evidently going to hell in a progressive handbasket anyway, I'll just not worry about it, live as though I were free and wait for Christ to come.

I'd rather be fearless and trust in God, than live in terror of what the government might do to me. As the old German saying goes. "Sie gedanken sind frei."  Your thoughts are free.

Here's Dropbox's new policy regarding government data requests. Dropbox says it's going to tell customers when the feds have been snooping around in their data. I'm betting they won't be allowed to.

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