Monday, January 23, 2012

Political Bait & Switch - Ron Paul & Glenn Beck are Losing Me

Bait & switch tactics do not win my support*
I got snagged by the old political bait and switch this morning - TWICE!

I know, "One time shame on you. Twice shame on me!"  But dang it I can usually trust Glenn Beck and he let me down today.

First, I spotted an article by Lew Rockwall, a blogger whose stuff I'm not terribly familiar with - apparently he rights NY Times Bestsellers about things collapsing or the evilitude of the Fed or something. Anyway, it turns out the whole piece was about how Romney was terrible and the only one who can save us is mild-mannered Ron Paul who, if we'll just slip into our little voting booths will turn into President Ron (strange creature from another planet?)

It's a really dirty trick making me read another Ron Paul commercial, especially after the first 400 or so didn't do anything for me. Really. Say what you mean, okay.

Then to my surprise, I got a Glenn Beck e-mail today saying Beck was endorsing Newt Gingrich. Now I thought Beck was pretty much anti-Gingrich, so I clicked over to see what was up. It turned out to be a joke and a surprisingly nasty series of attacks on former House Speaker Gingrich that pretty much turned into name-calling.

Now, name-calling is one of those things that I don't see any use for,
although I do admit to referring to some of the kookier Ron Paul supporters as Paulestinians, Paulistas, Ronites, Ronians or in the case of one odd little guy who keeps sending me cryptic e-mails, Zondar the Ronulan Ambassador. I figure with those guys, it's give as good as you get and besides they're really hacking me off.  With most folk, I don't exchange nasty names, however. It's just not nice.

As much as I dislike President Obama's policies, I try to call him by his proper name and title. He is, after all, the president. I disliked the disrespect leveled at Reagan and the Bushes and believe the President should be treated with the respect due the office. Criticize his politics if you wish, but nasty names are out of place.

If Ron Paul does get himself elected, I will call him Mr. President till the day Zondar the Ronulan makes contact with the mother ship and it sets down on the White House lawn to conclude the first interstellar peace accord in history - probably something like, "We won't invade your alien worlds if you'll promise not to death ray us and make zombie slaves out of us."  We'll call it the "Niceness Accords".

If the little green men will just take Zondar and his minions away with them when they go, the aliens and President Paul will have done us all a great service.

In the meantime does it bother anyone that only three tiny states have held primaries and we've already lost most of our candidates?  Trouble really is, that the four we have left, nobody seems to want!  By the time we get to vote in a primary it'll be like scraping through the leftover tomatoes at the end of Farmer's Market day looking for an unbruised one.

I'm just sayin'

Tom King (formerly of East Texas)
* And I do know that using a Ron Paul picture draws the Ronians like moths to a flame and that it is a just plain sneaky way to drive up pageview numbers and ad revenue  on my website and also that it's a dirty trick to play on the Paulestinians, but as they say in Vegas, "C'mon, mama needs new shoes......!" and low-rated bloggers live on advertising.

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