Friday, January 27, 2012

Corporations Are People Too.....?

Bill Moyers demonstrates once again that he is not an unbiased journalist. In the attached vid, he encourages citizens to oppose the Supreme Court decision in the Citizen's United case, the one that established that free speech extends to corporations.

The case was over an unflattering documentary about Hillary Clinton that the Federal Election Commission wanted to ban during a senate election cycle. (Thank you McCain/Feingold by the way.) The court ruled FOR free speech and in support of Citizen's United. It did add that there had to be proper disclosure if you're going to say unkind things about politicians. I rather wonder if that's the part of the Supreme Court decision that's what all the hoo-rah is really about. Perhaps when folk like George Soros pays for vids and ads that say nasty things about Republicans, they would prefer not to put their names on it. After all, folk like Soros and Warren Buffet are, themselves, "evil corporations" (or "good corporations" if you're making a nasty movie about George Bush.)

Moyers thinks we need an amendment that says corporation can be muzzled because they "aren't people". So is people and Citizens United is not? I have no problem with Moyers being a leftie. Just would appreciate it if the wouldn't keep telling folk he's an unbiased journalist.

Maybe there should be an amendment about that.

Just sayin'

Tom King

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