Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Tea Party: The Reports of Our Death Have Been Greatly Exaggerated.

by Tom King (c) 2011

"It's time to take it back - it's time for it to be our way." - Julie Driscoll, Chicago Liberal Examiner

And there you have it in a nutshell. Unless you agree with liberals and let them have it all their way, they will not ever be satisfied. Through this ideological paradigm, Ms Driscoll has captured a distorted view of the Tea Party. She gloats that the tea party is becoming irrelevant and chortles that , "It's about time!" Ms. Driscoll, like most liberal/progressive/socialists, gets it wrong.

The Tea Party movement is not like Students for Democratic Society or one of those other lib organizations. It's a strictly grass roots movement in every sense of the word. There are no memberships. There are no "official" membership roles. I consider myself a member and have never paid any dues to the nonexistent official organization. We don't pledge oaths to the party. We don't get regular checks from the Koch brothers, no matter what Keith Olbermann says. Hell, when we go to a rally, no one even sends a "free" bus to give us a ride. We have to buy our own gas. When we went to Washington, we paid our way. That's why so many Tea Party rallies tend to be small neighborhood get-togethers, more so than staged big-city marches and stuff like that. Shoot, my knees wouldn't hold up to a "march" if we held one. Give me something with folding chairs, fans and plenty of iced tea.

Liberals don't understand that because progressive socialism calls for high levels of organization, heavy investment in a shared ideology and hired gun community organizing. Next to the liberal wing of the Democrat party, the Tea Party is hopelessly inept at organizing and influencing policy. We are real working stiffs that just got fed up with the way things are going. We get mad, go somewhere and yell about how mad we are, then we go home and mow the grass, because it keeps growing no matter what they do in Washington.

You guys keep gloating over how poorly organized we are. What you don't seem to get is, that's the whole point. We're busy working, caring for our families, living our lives. We didn't come to this because we love politics. Most of us find politics repugnant. We cherish our way of life is all and just want the government to get out of our business.

Libs like Ms Driscoll, on the other hand, want the government to get more and more into their business (and into ours too). The political parasites that find government a useful tool for gaining wealth and power spend fortunes supporting political movements that promise to hand them ever more power (and wealth).  It's just a good investment for them. They'd donate to the devil if they could make money on the deal.

Shoot, if you go with the Tea Party, those evil corporations you liberal guys hate so much, would have the devil's own time trying to get the government to protect their profits, their markets and their fortunes at taxpayer expense. Look at the great bailouts of 2009. How may corporate fortunes were saved by the American taxpayer thanks to the good old government? Pundits like Ms. Driscoll are gloating about the very Tea Party weaknesses that I think are strengths.

So go ahead and dismiss the Tea Party movement. PLeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease! Rig the polls. Make sure the Chicago graveyards still have full voting rights. Congratulate yourselves on having whipped those stupid Tea Party rubes. If you win, it doesn't make you right and you will receive exactly what you deserve when the jackboots are marching in the street.

Enjoy the apocalypse. You're helping to make it.

I'm just sayin'

Tom King

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