Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Michele Bachmann Being Palinized

Well, you knew it was coming. Michele Bachman is getting the Sarah Palin treatment. In the past 24 hours, an organized attack has started on social networks like Twitter and Facebook and the leftist blogs.

One charge is that Bachman belongs to a branch of the Lutheran church that believes the Pope is the anti-christ.  This could well be. That belief comes straight from Martin Luther himself. He wrote a book on prophecies of the Bible in which he identified the papacy as the logical entity to be the anti-Christ. The Catholic church even pulled together a special group of Jesuit theologians to create an alternate interpretation of the prophecies in Revelation that would point the prophecies cited by Luther in a direction away from that of the Roman Church. Luther was pretty adamant that the papacy was the successor to the Dragon mentioned in Revelation and that dragon was pretty obviously the Roman Empire. From the Jesuit theologians came a prophetic interpretation of time prophecy that works around the problem by shuffling prophetic times around to skip past the time of the Catholic church and safely move those prophecies to the end of time where it could do no harm. Given the persecution of Protestants at the time, it's little wonder that Luther looked at the prime persecuter to find his Anti-Christ.

It's hardly a featured theological position of her church and it's not fair to be too tough on Bachmann over this. It's not anti-Catholic with relation to the rank and file Catholic anyway, though Luther's writing was critical of the Roman system. That, too, is not surprising coming from the author of the 96 theses which he nailed on a cathedral door.

It's odd that the criticism of Bachmann's church is because it finds a problem with a Christian denomination's practice, when the folk doing the criticism say some pretty hideous things about Christians and Jews themselves. Luther, himself, had some difficulty in identifying the Pope as his anti-Christ, having been a devout Catholic himself. In one quote from his work on prophecy he stated that, based on the prophecies of Revelation, the conclusion that the papacy was almost certainly the anti-Christ. He seemed quite reluctant to make that accusation, but Luther's work is still there in the archives of Lutheranism and unless the particular Lutheran branch you belong to specifically disavowed his work on the subject, it's still there lurking in the church canon of every Lutheran Church.

It's hypocritical for people who treat Christians like we are terrorists or puppy killers to jump on Bachmann because her church thinks the Pope might be the anti-Christ.

This is just the beginning. A string of attacks on Bachmann have come out just today. It's obviously a coordinated assault. They also jumped on her because a clinic she and her husband are associated with offers treatment for homosexuality. The attackers quote the American Psychological Association as saying there is no evidence that homosexuality can be treated or cured.

This is true. That is because the APA has ruthlessly suppressed any attempt to do research into the causes and treatment of homosexuality. Since the APA "cured" millions of homosexuals of mental illness with the stroke of a pen by deleting homosexuality as a legitimate diagnosis from the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual (DSM).  Researchers are routinely ridiculed or threatened for doing any research as to a causative factor for homosexuality. Researchers who discovered that the pineal gland of homosexual males tended to be significantly smaller than normal were hooted down by the gay community with the support of the APA. Therapists have been ordered by APA to cease and desist offering treatment or therapies for homosexuality. I saw the memo when I was studying rehabilitation psychology in grad school. It was more like a statement of doctrinal belief than a scientific finding.

There will be more attacks on Ms. Bachmann and they will become ever more outlandish as the months pass.  Maybe Sarah and Michele should run together. Wouldn't that be a bloody lightning storm? I can hear the name-calling now. Don't you just love how those tolerant liberals embrace women and minority candidates like Sarah, Michele and Herman. Wanna bet they are saving the Mormon stuff for after they weed out the really dangerous folk?

So, Bachmann is being Palinized and now I'm hearing conservatives tossing her under the bus. My question is do we abandon every candidate they dogpile on?  Sarah Palin couldn't even do her job for the lawsuits, threats against her family and media assaults on her character. Now, she's characterized as a quitter. Are we going to let the liberal attack machine dictate who our candidates are going to be. That's how we wound up with McCain instead of Fred Thompson. They convinced you that the best conservative candidate in the 2008 pack didn't have the "fire in his belly". Are we that easy to sucker.  I'm asking. Tell me why we are going to give up on our best people just because the liberals pile on them. I want to understand. Do we just have a death wish for our country?


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