Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Why Did He Wait to Release the Birth Certificate?

The president has finally released his long form birth certificate.

Told ya' so!

I predicted this would happen back when all the birther controversy started. Obama's people realized they had a priceless opportunity to help him overcome problem before the next election.  And all they had to do was sit back and let the controversy get built up.

Look, these guys know that lots of people wildly dislike Obama's policies and desperately want him out of there right now.  Of course they would want to believe they could get rid of him with the birth certificate issue. So, having the birth certificate, like good little politicians, they passed out the rope and gave us time to get the knots thoroughly tied.

It's a handy smoke screen people - always has been. They got the idea from way their own people went after John McCain with foam on their lips over his alleged birth certificate problems. McCain, being an honest (if often mistaken) man, did the right and proper thing and released his birth records. When the same crisis visited the Obama campaign, however, in the spirit of never wasting a good crisis, they used this one.

All they had to do was hold on to it till it was no longer useful for distracting people or till some front running Republican opened his mouth in support of the issue.  Is it a coincidence that Glenn Beck had a rant just yesterday, practically screaming that the birth certificate was a distraction and that people were focusing all this energy on a phoney issue. Is it an accident that Donald Trump spoke openly about it and has been asking a lot of other awkward questions lately.

Time to fire the birth certificate gun to greatest effect.  Look what they get for it. 

  1. They can use it to try and make Trump look foolish, which would be hard to do with that hair of his.
  2. It revives the issue at a time when Republican and Tea Party leaders are pleading for their people to let it go. 
  3. It makes the birthers look paranoid and foolish - at least that's how it will be portrayed in the media.
This administration IS busily undermining our way of life. They want to create a magical socialist utopia, but in order to do so, they need us to look elsewhere. They need us to be focused on something trivial while they do what they need to do.

We could have seen it coming. How stupid would it have been for the Soros coalition to have selected a candidate with such a damning flaw as having not been born in this country.

The best thing in the world they could do for themselves, right now, since the leaders of the tea party conservatives are telling their people to lay off the birth certificate is to fire up the whole thing all over again by releasing the birth certificate. They figure they can make the whole birther conspiracy crowd look like stupid conspiracy theorists.

And the media will love it.  They've probably had to get mops out over at MNBC to handle all the salivation going on over at MSNBC.  The leftist media WILL use this as an excuse to marginalize tea party conservatives.

The tea party has been shackled with the birther controversy as an issue almost since its inception. Whether we wanted to carry water for the birther conspiracy or not, both the largely libertarian birthers and the leftist liberals.  I think of them collectively as libs as they both are turning out to be harmful to the country.  Glenn Beck has been the only libertarian leaning commentator I know that hasn't been sucked into the birther mess.

Unfortunately, because of this artificial association between the tea party and the 9/12 movement. We' are going to be painted with the same brush. Oh, the birth certificate thing was a plot all right. It was a plot to use the hatred of conservatives for this president against us and to marginalize our influence in the upcoming election.

And boy, oh, boy, surprise, surprise!  Just in time for the next presidential campaign! Good work people and congratulations to all those who will never, ever believe he has a real Hawaiian birth certificate anyway. While you turn your microscopes on the document and discussing ad nauseum how this one's a phoney, these guys are going to be winning another term for this nightmare of a president.

It's going to be the mantra of the media that conservatives just "hate Obama because he's black." Sadly, there are too many birthers that actually do hate him for being black and it's too easy for the media to find them and get them to talk on camera. They are so going to stick this issue to the tea party and the 912 project like Louisiana gumbo mud to a waffle boot.

I wish we all could have dropped this years ago, but instead, we honed a fine bludgeon for the left to use against us and now we've successfully placed it in their waiting hands. Hope you're wearing a hard hat because this is going to hurt.

I'm just sayin'

Tom King

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