Sunday, April 10, 2011

Shoot Your Own Side First!

The Enemy is Among Us
© 2011 by Tom King

 I have been watching the progress of the movement since its inception and I see waves of attacks occurring against conservatives from within. Legions of leftist trolls and imposters come to places like Facebook, conservative discussion groups like the 9/12 project and other forums and create abnoxious caracatures of us. They post things that they think we would really post if we were just "honest". They pose as the worst sort of redneck bigots and psychotic paranoid conspiracy theorists to draw discredit to the movement and hoping to get us to admit how stupid, paranoid and bigoted we really are in some unguarded moment.

We have to recognize them for what they are and minimize their impact by rejecting their ideas - chiefly by ignoring them. We need to openly oppose such people, yes, but we also ought not engage them in long arguments. They are sent amongst us to sew confusion, hatred and discord. They are tools of Satan in my opinion, but that is my opinion alone. I have not heard from God on the matter, so before you start my dear trolls, I am NOT speaking for God, nor do I claim to.

Be careful what you believe, dear friends. Of course we want to defend our liberties, of that there is no question. What we must NOT do, however, is to attack our own, like-minded allies. That only serves the bad guys. I have seen conservatives attacked right and left by so-called "tea partiers" who impugn their motives and question their ideological "purity" (and boy howdy does that sound like leftist rhetoric to me). One guy gave himself away by calling himself a "tea-bagger". Another used to write posts that quoted passages from KKK literature from the 40s. They are trolls and fakes. They've recently attacked Sarah Palin and Glenn Beck in particular. The attacks come in waves as though orchestrated. The attacks tend to include the exact same talking points over and over as though the poster could not be troubled to be original, but was sticking by a script.

The progressive left MUST fracture and divide conservatives if they are going to win in 2012. If they can do it from within, so much the better. Their usual methods have done virtually no good so far.

The left thinks in terms of central planning when it looks at movements like the Tea Party. That's because progressivism is very much centrally organized and driven from the top. They, therefore assume that the Tea Party MUST be centrally controlled. They reveal this in their attacks when they assume someone like a Sarah Palin, Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh or the Koch brothers MUST be behind all this. That's why they dogpile on these spokespeople all the time. They think that if they bring down the "leadership", the whole thing will fold like a house of cards.

So long as the 9/12 movement and the Tea Parties remain very much local and grass roots driven, no amount of attacks on our so-called leaders will be effective. If we recognize what they are doing and support those brave people who speak out so eloquently about the principles we cherish and defend, then we frustrate the enemy.

There was a Christian folk song I heard once back in the early 70s in which it described the Christian Faith as an army whose sergeants gave the troops this battle cry - "Shoot Your Own Side First!"

That is what is happening with the fake sergeants amongst us. On the eve of battle, they tempt us to believe that our personal beliefs are entirely holy and pure and that evidence of sin among our fellow soldiers should be purged by gunfire. These fake sergeants are careful to define sin as any disagreement with our own narrow and sacrosanct beliefs.

Friends, if we shoot our own, we are lost. We cannot survive as a movement if we allow that to happen and continue to encourage that. We must remember, as one general put it, pointing across the battlefield, "The enemy is there!"

There is room among us for disagreement over fine points. There is room for anyone in our movement who believes in liberty and the founding principles of our country. Remember that the men who wrote those founding documents disagreed widely with one another on many issues. One thing, however, that they did NOT disagree on was who the enemy of their liberty really was.

So long as any man agrees that I have the right to worship God or not in any way I see fit, that I have the right to speak and assemble, to write and do business, to defend my home and to have a voice in how this country is governed, then that man or woman is my ally even if he thinks we ought to do some things a bit differently than I do.

God bless America. We are truly a city on the hill; a beacon of hope to all mankind. Let us be careful not to let a bunch of phonies and trolls turn us into a network of slums and warring factions. Let us keep our eyes on the prize. Let us remove the log from our own eyes before we go trying to pluck the speck from our neighbor's.

Just one man's opinion....

Tom King - Tyler, TX

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