Sunday, February 13, 2011

Not This Little Black Duck!

Why Are "Conservatives" Attacking Reagan Now?
(c) 2011 by Tom King

We're hearing from the fringes now that Reagan was part of the Bohemian Grove conspiracies and helped set up the New Word Order and internment camps and heaven knows what else. I am here to say "Balderdash" and not just because I like that word, although it has its uses, this being one of them.  I've found websites like Rex 84 and folk like Alex Jones to be a very unreliable source of information about what's "really" going on. I've studied Ronald Reagan and the whole New World Order and internment camps for troublesome Americans thing doesn't fit the vision of America I see in his writings and actions. It doesn't fit what I know of the man Reagan. I don't think anyone could lie that well.  I'm convinced Reagan really did believe all that stuff in his speeches.

I would plead with my conservative friends to please be careful with the Bohemian Grove, Bilderberg, Illuminati, New World Order stuff. The conspiracy theorist crowd really loves to credit the devil with far greater organizational ability than the self-centered denizens of hell have at their command.

My read on it is that what's going on in the world in the way of conspiracies, works out to more of a confluence of interests of the rich and powerful than any highly organized plot. The best information out there says the Bohemian Grove stuff is mostly a rich guy's play date rather than an evil conspiracy. What the country club Republicans and high level Democrats want is power. It's a big game to them and both use the same tools to play it, that's why they look so much alike when they are in power.

I've seen how things work in the halls of power personally. It's all about positioning and horse-trading influence and nobody really knows what's going on because everybody keeps secrets like a dragon hordes gold. The flow of information to our political leaders is controlled to an appalling extent by a gigantic army of black coated poli-sci interns or recently graduated doofuses that a couple of months ago were attending wet T-shift contests and all-night keggers. Washington is a chaos of self-interest and incomplete information.

All those inflated egos that show up at the Bohemian Grove party (along with that noted world leader, Jimmy Buffett, who is also a member) could never agree on a master plan for the New World Order.  They couldn't agree on what color the flag should be, much less who's going to be the Big Kahuna! These guys are tools and the one who's really doing the manipulation can be counted on to create mostly chaos and precious little order. He's orchestrating events toward a crescendo and into the chaos created, he will step to "save" us. At least that's the way Scripture paints what is to come.

Because the big tool of power is manipulation, these guys keep secrets from each other. Secrets give them the illusion of power. The beauty of the Constitution is that it has for so long limited the ability of the powerful in the U.S. to establish an oligarchy that has more than transient power. These guys are not wielding the tools, they are being wielded, and by a power that is NOT human.

We do not fight the devil using the devil's methods. We fight secrets and conspiracies and manipulation with patience, with unfailing decency and with a determined effort to teach our children and ourselves to value goodness and beauty and the creator of all of that. We do not fight evil by crawling down the hole where evil lives to take a look around.

The first time you hear someone shout the battle cry "Shoot your own side first!" you can be certain the order did not come from our Commander. It is an emmisary from the evil one who has infiltrated our ranks. We should not obey that order. We should turn and face forward and continue to strive to be better human beings - kinder, more patient with one another. We close ranks against the darkness by believing the best, expecting the best and trusting the intentions of each other.

I've long expected this very attack on this movement. The Tea Party has gathered far too many good, decent people under one banner and united their efforts to good purpose for Satan to tolerate it's continuation. He knows he cannot fracture us from without, so he seeks to defeat us from within.

My attitude toward Ronald Reagan is an example of how I believe we should respond to this very real threat to the movement we have come to cherish. I believe Reagan's own words. I believe he meant exactly what he said because I have the evidence that God blessed his efforts. I also believe the words of people like President Obama and his advisors and those words tell me what they intend to do. That's why I oppose them, not because some conspiracy theorists says they have a secret plan, but because they say what they are planning right out in the open for all to hear.

Reagan said clearly what he believed. You can see throughout his career how that belief came to be. As a result of Reagan, as president, acting on those clearly stated principles, the Soviet Union died and freed a vast host of people to turn back to God. There was a massive revival of Christianity in the days following the fall of Communism. I believe that God used Reagan as a tool to accomplish this purpose and I honor Mr. Reagan for his willingness to be used as God's tool.  I simply refuse to entertain the attacks upon his character, that I am certain are false and only intended to confuse and break down the solidarity of the growing band of good people who believe in God and the principles upon which this country was founded. And when I say that, I know some of the members of the movement don't claim to be Christians. But God knows His people whatever they call themselves and I believe He calls them to Himself in spite of their reluctance to come.

I believe we are seeing the final days of Earth played out before us. It is time we stand together. It is time we lift each other up, I don't care what faith or denomination or philosophy set you on the road home. As the old song says, "Red and Yellow, black and White, all are precious in his sight." The only way we win this final war is with kind words and loving acts, not by shooting our own.

It will not matter that Armageddon comes upon us. Reagan actually believed Armageddon was coming, but as we are called by God to do, he did all in his power to hold back the winds of strife. I believe angels stood in that oval office and guided that man in the decisions he made. Why? To buy us time to open the dark places of Earth to the Word of God. Angels stood behind John Kennedy, Dwight Eisenhower, FDR, Lincoln and others too, to buy us time to finish the work that must be done.

We Children of God are a ragtag, motely band with so many flaws you can't name them all, but together we are a mighty force for good. Our weapon is our love for one another and for the whole world and with that weapon, we are irresistable. We are an army that will stand for the right though the heavens fall. We will lay down our lives if God requires it. We will suffer any trial and we will not yield.

The folks that burn coffins in the Bohemian Grove could not possibly understand that and if they ever come to, they won't likely return to the grove because they will no longer have the patience to endure such foolishness. We have a choice like Joshua said. We choose this day, whom we shall serve. His commands are simple and do not include playing spy among the enemy or using Satan's methods or his tactices to manipulate our fellows. If we follow God's orders to the best of our ability, we need no tricks or deceptions. If we follow His orders, we are undefeatable.

I have seen nothing in those orders that indicate to me that shooting our own guys first is a good idea.

There's the old story of how Lie met Truth in the road, beat her up and stole her clothes. He walked around the town in Truth's clothes lying to everyone and though what he said sounded like a lie, they believed it because Lie was, after all, wearing Truth's clothes. In the meantime Truth recovered and ran after Lie to get her clothes back.

Meanwhile, Lie was teiling another whopper to an old man standing outside his store, when the old fellow glanced up the street and saw a startling thing.

"You know," he said turning back to Lie. "You look like the Truth, you're wearing Truth's clothes and I don't know but what you sound like the Truth, but I know for a fact that you lie because yonder," he pointed down the street, "Comes the naked Truth!"

When you suddenly start hearing attacks on the icons of our movement, you have to wonder why all of a sudden this stuff is coming out. In the past year, I've seen attacks ramped up on Lincoln after we countered charges of Republican racism by pointing out that Lincoln was a Republican. There were attacks on Limbaugh, Hannity and others. Then as Beck started playing tapes of what these guys were actually saying on television, they really went after him. Now it's Reagan. Do you realize they are trying to leave us without any leaders at all? And we're falling for it. That's what is incredible. We know this is right out of their playbook and still we fall for it?

"Well," to quote a certain animated waterfowl, "Not this little black duck!"

Tom King

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