Saturday, February 5, 2011

And It's Up Against the Wall......Are Conservatives Fear Mongers?

(c) 2011 by Tom King

Had a liberal commentator on one of the forums today who criticized conservatives for promoting fear. They always call us fear-mongers. It's in the playbook. But it's not because they are deliberately lying about that. Folks on the left really do fear conservatives.  They fear we are going to cramp their sex lives. They fear we are going to make them go to church. They fear we're going to take away their entitlements and starve children and old people. And so they assume that we fear them in the same way they fear us and what we'd do to them if we did things our way.

I was chided by this one woman who told me our fear of the progressive movement was unfounded and that we should just sit back and "give it a chance". She promised we'd like the change.

Yep, kind of like the Russian middle class wasn't afraid of to embrace the revolutionary change that Trotsky, Lenin and Stalin brought to the Russian people. Many of them even tried to embrace the change, right up until the new government virtually obliterated the Russian middle class.  Just like the Jews dismissed any worries about the new Fuehrer as an "over-reaction". Like the Hugenots who expected the Catholic church to tolerate their beliefs because they thought that surely the Hugenots contributed so much to the economy as the core of the nation's middle class. In that, they greatly under-estimated the penchant of the powerful for cutting off their own noses to spite their faces. They dismissed any fear of the clerical authorities right up untill the Inquisition began setting fire to French Hugenot shopkeepers, forcing a mass flight to America. Hey, it was great for us, enriching  as it did, our growing economy with an influx of ready-made middle class traders and shopkeepers. I suppose Idi Amin, Sadaam Hussein, and "Baby Doc" Duvalier all seemed like they'd be okay if you just kept out of their way - till folks discovered how hard it is to stay out of the way of people like that..

History's megalomaniacs have long depended on the fact that the great majority of people in any stable culture refuse to believe anything unpleasant will every happen to them.  They use this stubborn deliberate refusal to believe the worst in order to buy time for them to secure enough power to enforce their peculiar vision of how society should be ordered. By the time the people figure out they've been duped, it's most always too late.

It was getting that way in America before the revolution, but having already been through the process back in Europe, most Americans saw what was coming and dug their heels in - rejecting an insane king and an oppressive British government that seemed intent on wringing the lifeblood from the colonies for the profit of the nobility.

ANYBODY who thinks that they know how to plan a perfect society is dangerous as far as I'm concerned. If things don't go as they plan, they never consider that something may be wrong with their plans. Then they go looking for someone to blame and it's "Up against the wall!" Too much power inevitably corrupts the holder of that power.

As to the direct accusation that I am afraid of what I believe is coming if we don't do anything about it......she's wrong.......I am not afraid at all. That's what the left doesn't get about the Tea Party. We see what's coming and we're NOT afraid. If we were afraid, we'd sit down and shut up and hope no one noticed us. That's how most of the people in the Third World do it. They try to take care of themselves very quietly and to avoid drawing any attention to themselves from the government.

Conservatives are well aware that we are painting a bulls-eye on our own chests and that historically, it's crazed leftists behind the trigger - almost ten to one on presidential assassination attempts alone.

AND WE ARE NOT AFRAID. I figure that if God is done with me, getting run over by a tank or stoned by a mob is nothing to fear. The manner of our death changes nothing. My next conscious moment after my death, I will be looking up to see Christ coming to take me home. I'm only passing through this world anyway. My only task is to do what's right. I learned a long time ago that after a while, a beating doesn't hurt anymore. Refusing to stand up for what is right - that hurts forever.

Knowing what's coming doesn't make me afraid. It makes me determined and I don't think liberals will ever get that. They see the world through their own stubborn ideology and everything must conform to that ideology, even if it obviously doesn't work like their ideology says it ought to. The fault is never with the ideology no matter what. It's particularly hard for folks who do not believe in God to accept flaws in their ideology because for them their belief system is all they have - a hollow substitute for God that doesn't quite fill the need. It's why there is such a powerful need to silence anyone who challenges their ideology.

Like I said in a previous post.  Socialist revolutions are bad about putting their own people up against the wall when they are done with them. Political ideologies are cannabalistic by nature. They devour their own to stay alive. Kind of the opposite of how God works.  The whole idea that the leaders among us would be the lowliest - the servants of all - makes no sense to those who believe in top-down rule by a privileged class of supposedly smart people. You can see why they don't understand us at all. 

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