Sunday, April 4, 2010

The Progressive and the Lassez-faire Capitalist Dentist

If you just listen long enough, they always let slip the difference between ideology and reality. In this case, it was the noted progressive socialist George Bernard Shaw serving as chairman of the BBC's Advisory Committee on Spoken English.  There was a discussion about how to pronounce canine.  Shaw maintained it should be "cay-nine" as ordinary people pronounced it who used the term every day.

One of the committee members challenged him and Bernard pointed out that his dentist pronounced it "cay-nine" when talking about the canine teeth.

"Then you must have an American dentist," the member argued.

"Of course," Shaw shot back.  "Why do you think that at 76, I still have all my teeth!"

Even a confirmed socialist like Shaw recognized the superiority of laissez-faire capitalist dentistry.

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