Thursday, April 1, 2010

April Fool's

by Tom King

Woke up at seven this morning
To get a good start on the day.
  By nine I'd been joked
  By 5 different blokes
And my morning is just underway.

First thing I heard was Obama
Is going to let us drill oil
  It's right off the coast
  Of states that don't boast
Any offshore deposits at all.

Next Hillary came on to tell that
The Afghan war's over and done
  To insure the peace
  She granted a lease
Osama's new office is right down the hall

Then I heard from Keith Ol-ber-mann
He says Palin is being committed
  Sarah's last quote du jour.
  Was "I'm Republican for sure."
"See she's crazy," says Keith, "She admits it."

This in on the Huffington Post
Bill Maher says the planet is warming
  And there's no terrorist war on
  I must be a big moron
To disbelieve one so utterly charming.

The media is all in a cathothel
They say Christian militias are terribly awful
  Christians are crazies and fools
  It's that danged golden rule
That they live by that makes them all scofflaws.

I'm recommending that April the First
Be a new holiday celebration
  The country's run by pundits
  And straight downhill they've runned it.
April Fools are in charge of the nation.

(c) 2010 by Tom King


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