Friday, March 19, 2010

What's That Sound?

Is the Union to be sundered?

The news media keeps calling this weekend "historic". I agree with the media.  It is historic.  I suspect that this weekend marks the beginning of the end of America as we know it. The Democrats seem intent on committing political suicide.  This is not like Democrats. If ever a group were set on hanging on to power, it's the Democrats. These guys would lie to their Grandmothers if it would pick them up a handful of votes. They dredge votes up out of the cemetery for crying out loud.

So, why are they on the verge of voting for a bill that is violently hated by more than half the country, including many of their own liberal supporters who, ironically, don't think it goes far enough.  This thing is political mass suicide. So why are they voting for it?

What do they know that we do not?

I've never been a conspiracy theorist, but I am beginning to wonder if the reason they are not afraid to face voters this fall is that they aren't planning to face voters this fall. I'm beginning to wonder if this is going to go down in history a a power grab on the order of Kristallnacht. 

Here's why I'm smelling a rat:

  1. There is a sense of time running out among the Democrats as though this bill needs to be passed in order for something else to happen and that time is running out for this secondary event to take place in time for a third event. It is the third event I worry about.
  2. If health care "reform" happens, I expect the economy to be in free fall within months as the implications of this massive spending bill become clear and worldwide markets take a swan dive off the nearest bank building. Is this economic collapse what the Dems are hoping for? Is this what needs to happen next.
  3. If the economy collapses, the very angry folks who opposed the health care bill in the first place will do one of two things: Sit quietly and take it or rise up in demonstrations and civil unrest.
  4. If there is massive unrest, a state of emergency will be declared. The president is already preparing the U.S. military to deploy on U.S. soil as a peace-keeping force. 
So my question is, if there is civil unrest or a large scale terrorist attack, will elections be canceled this year to protect the public.  This seems impossible in the United States of the 21st century.  But if we look back in history, we see what happened in late 18th century France, in Julius Caesar's Rome, in 20th century Russia, Germany and China must have seemed, at the very least, unlikely to the citizens of those countries. 

The question is, will we like a mindless mob of sheeple, be manipulated by the Robespierres, Napoleons, Agustus's, Trotskys, Lenins and Maos. Or will there be a second and more bloody American Revolution.

I hope not. Unfortunately, reading the last chapter of the Bible does not reassure me that dangerous times are not ahead. I hear the sound of strife in the distance. God help us all in the coming months as monumental events play out upon the stage of history.

They're right however it goes on Sunday.  This weekend is historic.  Pray hard. I hear the sound of strife in the distance.

Tom King

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