Tuesday, March 23, 2010

A Peek into Our Future

Want a peek into our future.  Take a look at the so-called world's strongest economy.


An article on Yahoo News today about China's successful attempts to thwart Google from delivering Chinese citizens actual unsanitized Google searches makes it clear what such an economy sacrifices to juggle communist socialism and free market capitalism and remain powerful financially.

Isn't that special.

The cost is paid by the Chinese worker. Already badly underpaid, Chinese are routinely denied access to information from the outside world. The theory seems to be that the less you know, the easier you will be to exploit.  While it's true that China is a socialist country and it is also true that they have embraced just enough capitalism to make money. The beauty of socialism is that you can make tons of money on the backs of your citizens. By keeping the cost of living artificially lowered you can concentrate lots of money in the hands of the beloved leaders.

Great for the beloved leaders.  For the poor schmucks that live in run down housing, eating lots of rice and watching propaganda films about how happy you are living in run down housing eating lots of rice and watching propaganda films about how happy they are - not so much!

So enjoy a nice Google search while you still can.

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