Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Prepare for the Worst

What's going to happen on February 12 and why should we worry about it? President Ahmadenijad, the wild-haired president of Iran has announced that they are going to deal a blow to the evil old west on that .

Not sure what he's up to, but it's never anything good. A mushroom cloud rising over the desert will not be a good thing if that's what he's up to. I figure if that happens we'll have a window of about 30 minutes before the current administration starts blaming ourselves for the problem and gets so wrapped up in trying to figure out how to prove it's own leftist ideology really works that they'll dither till it's too late to stop the explosion of a nuclear device somewhere within the continental United States.  I look for such an event sometime with the next few years. I hope the Israelis make the "go" decision and do what needs to be done and the heck with what the US does.  I also hope US fighter pilots are prepared to disobey orders from the White House to shoot down Israeli bombers.

The Pres just got through telling us he was going to freeze spending and be fiscally responsible, but then he glossed over the part where he said, "but not till next year" and proceeded to plop a spending bill for this year that overspends in one month by more than what George Bush did in a whole year at the height of the Iran War.

I can't afford to pay my electric bill now and the President is talking about a Cap and Trade bill that will, according to him, “.....necessarily cause electric prices to skyrocket.” I'm quoting here.

Probably need to prepare for life in a post-electricity world.

I can't find a job in my chosen field. The President has sucked billions of dollars out of the pockets of wealthy philanthropists and caused a nationwide funding shortage among the smaller nonprofits that provide the services and supports our communities need that fall into the gaps with massive government and big nonprofit programs. When the President decided to take 170 billion dollars out of the philanthropists' pockets through taxation, he assumed that they would just find those dollars elsewhere. Instead grantmakers pulled in their tent stakes and largely stopped funding new programs for new and smaller nonprofits and cut their funding for their regular charities.

In case that might happen, the President put about 25 or 30 million in the budget for “emergency support” for nonprofits.

A friend of mine attempted to track down where the local stimulus money was going and how to get some for their nonprofit program Turns out that before the ink was dry on Obama's signature, the county judge had prepared a list of who would get the dollars from the stimulus – a rogue's list of campaign contributors, old buddies and family members all lined up for lucrative contracts to supply materials and carry out contracts. Any wonder the 750 billion dollar stimulus is evaporating as fast as checks can be written -curling skyward in thin wisps of steam.

Those clouds you see floating by – they're our children's futures because they will be the ones who have to pay for those clouds.

And those are some mighty expensive clouds.

Prepare to bunch up with your kinfolk to be able to afford to go on eating regularly. Maybe plant a garden or something.. My church is planting a communal vegetable garden this year. I figure we'll need it.

Keep your head down and your powder dry.


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