Thursday, February 11, 2010

Debra Medina Takes a Swan Dive on Glenn Beck


That was the sound of Texas gubernatorial candidate, Debra Medina's landing after she took a swan dive off the high platform that is the Glenn Beck show this morning.

I very much respect Glenn Beck. He and his team do very thorough research and analysis. Glenn doesn't adopt the latest theories willy nilly and he gives even his opponents a pretty fair shake. He gave the White House a hot-line to come on his show and debunk anything he was saying; a hotline, I might add, that they have yet to have the courage to use.

So, I really looked forward to this morning's interview with Debra Medina.  I figured that if she had any chance at all, the Beck interview would be the springboard to victory. 

Imagine my disappoint when Ms. Medina landed in the kiddy pool.

Beck asked her about rumors that she was a 9/11 truther.  The answer should have been, "Absolutely not."  That would have been that except for a few ruffled Ron Paul acolytes. 

Instead, she looked back over her shoulder at all the kook fringe supporters that had brought her this far and she caved.

I don't think all the evidence is in to state unequivocally......

She waffled badly, not wanting to offend her "Truther" base.  She lost my vote in that 10 seconds. I don't imagine I am alone.  I'm sick about it because I really wanted a conservative in the governor's mansion this time.  I see now that with Medina, we'd have the same problem that we have with Obama.  We'd have a leader who is beholden to the lunatic fringe of his or her base.  I don't think she could issue a retraction fast enough to avoid the kind of damage she did to herself this morning. Her answer to Glenn revealed one of three things about Medina:  (1) A lack of courage to disagree with her own supporters, (2) A lack of preparedness for the big stage (she had to know Glenn would go there and she should have been ready to answer the question directly) and (3) A serious gullibility factor if she really is a "Truther".

You needn't send me hate mail, it will have no effect.  George Bush did NOT allow the destruction of the World Trade Center in order to have an excuse to invade Iraq and erase his father's humiliation or for whatever B spy movie plot line you care to pitch. 

There are bad people in this world who want to run things their way and they hate us because we are so hard to manipulate - or at least were. They are evil and manipulative and want us dead or under the thumb of their religion. They wanted to hit symbolic targets.  They tried to hit the WTC during the Clinton Adminstration.  GWB was back in Texas then, unless he was funneling evil oil profits to the blind sheik so they could do a test attack in preparation for the big one when the Illuminati got him elected president.

Give it a rest, okay?

The struggle here is simple.  We want four basic things:

(1) Lower taxes
(2) Smaller government
(3) Less spending
(4) Strong defense

The kook fringes on both sides are a distraction to that agenda. They lead us to overcompensate by electing overly cautious men and women who are so afraid of doing or saying anything spectacular that they wind up going along and doing nothing.  The kook fringe hurts us, no matter which side the fringe dangles from.

Dear God (and I'm praying here), please give us men and women of true courage and conviction, who say what is true and damn the consequences.  Remember Ronald Reagan.  They said, "Don't walk away from the arms talks in Reykjavik - it's political suicide."  The Russians counted on that, but they reckoned without the intestinal fortitude of America's Cowboy in Chief.  He walked away.  In a year they were begging him to come back on his own terms.

All of Reagan's advisers told him not to challenge the Soviets at the Berlin Wall. They wanted the "tear down this wall" line removed from his speech.  When his speech writer asked if he should take out the line, Reagan told him, better leave it in. "It's the right thing to do!"  He was right!

Where can we find such men and women?  Certainly not in mainstream politics..

I'm going to write in a candidate for governor in the primaries.  He doesn't want to run for governor, which recommends him all the more for the job to my way of thinking.  My own state senator, Robert Nichols is just the man I'd like to see run for governor and because he is, it's highly unlikely that he will. Check his record. The man is a savvy, get things done legislator who came late to politics after a successful career in business.  If the Tea Party were to throw its support behind someone like him, I think we'd bust this election wide open.  It's probably too late, but I'd love to see us elect, not only a conservative, but a guy with courage who isn't beholden to anyone.

Once again, I'm throwing my vote away in a futile gesture. I'll probably vote for whoever the Republican is next time. I'm mean who needs one of the dingbats the Dems will throw up.  At least let us resolve to set fire to the feet of whatever Republican is elected if they go stray!

Just one man's opinion....

Tom King

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