Sunday, January 10, 2010

Unholy Alliances

If you watch the news, you will soon begin to detect the subtle machinations of individuals and groups seeking power. Weaving strands upon strands into a tapestry, a master planner seems to be at work behind it all, intent on cobbling together a strategy that will bring about a single world government - all power gathered in a single authority.

I believe this is a bad thing.

"The truth shall set you free," said He whose hand created the worlds and all that in them is. Every element of the society proposed by God is long on freedom and short on rules.  Just 10 in the first one with a two word summation in the second go round. God's idea of government doesn't require 3000 pages of.regulations and powerful administrators, bosses and dictators.When God set up the government of Israel, it was long on local decision-making. There were a few judges, some priests and no kings, dukes or permanent nobility. Later, when the Israelites successfully lobbied for a King, God warned them that it was a  very bad idea.  Even then, they cast lots for a King, relying on God to influence the process.  This was unlike any other society of the time. Every kingdom in the world back then was all about accumulating power in the hands of a single person - a strong man.  The governments of the time were hotbeds of corruption and intrigue.

If you want to be Prince of this World you need the support structure, right?  So how do you do that? How do you make sure your hold on power is perfect?

The Hapsburg monarchs of Europe did it by convincing everyone that every noble family needed a little spritz of Hapsburg blood in the veins. Soon, every European monarch was kinfolk with Hapsburgs ruling countries whose languages they could barely speak.. The writers of children's stories conspired with the nobles by telling generations of impressionable peasant children tales of poor girls and boys who discovered suddenly that they we really lost princesses or the sons of kings and earls elevated in station only by the mere accident of blood.

The rise of the United States of America nearly wrecked it for the noble classes.  America was a nation built upon the revolutionary ideas of John Locke (and coincidentally on the principles of the new and old Testament). These principles held that all men were created equal and that God gave each man the right to achieve and accomplish all that he might wish by dint of hard work and perseverance. The noble classes were abolished, despite how uncomfortable many Americans were with that idea, especially the wealthy landed gentry. It is not an accident that it has become fashionable in the press of late to dismiss Locke and his contemporary revolutionaries as passing cranks that are overdue to be replaced.  

We are once again witnessing the rise of a new nobility, a political and economic elite with pretty much the same cast with the same intent as always - to secure power in their own hands and to keep the peons quiet.

Historically, this was done with money, soldiers and a firmly entrenched class system. Read the history books. They keep plugging away at the same old dream - world domination, all power in the hands of a few. All ordinary men, not equal, but all the same and all safely kept down where they can do no harm to the elite and powerful nobility.

Sadly, they have the tools now that they need to carry it off thanks to the technological revolution. We have the computers and networks, databases and tiny little chips they need to mark us, label us and track us, to control what we buy and sell, what we eat and where we travel. Does anyone really believe they aren't trying all over again to revive the old dream of power?

And remember what other political power has traditionally been brought into the any serious grab for power?



If you said the "Church", you've read your history well. The enlistment of the political church in support of the new world order, the green, global, socialist, progressive movement is an essential step in bringing about the conditions that will lead to the end of the world. Not that that's what the plan is, it's just how Revelation says it will work out.

The church organization has always been vulnerable to being used by the powerful as a power base. Historically, churches of all sizes have been co-opted by corrupt leaders as a tool to beat down and control the populace. It is not the perfect tool because churches often have actual Christians in them and real Christians are frightfully independent and courageous. The don't like anyone who takes the authority on themselves that belongs only to God and will oppose those persons.  Protestantism's huge breakaway from Catholicism was the consequence of corruption of the clergy and the use of church power for political purposes.

I see a movement in the liberal churches today to unite, to share clergy and ceremonies, not only with similar Protestant churches, but also with the Catholic church and with neo-pagan, African, Middle-Eastern and Eastern faiths. The environmental movement and it's Wiccan and pagan elements are finding alliances in the apostate Protestant church.

At this point, the Roman Catholic church is putting out feelers, not only to other Christian churches, but also to the environmentalist movement.  It's leaders send ever more distinct signals of support to the progressive/socialist new world order movements as well. The Catholics so far, still remain officially aloof form the progressives due to the abortion issue, but you wonder how long that will last, with the Pope calling for a single world government. The question is, are they doing like senator Ben Nelson of Nebraska and waiting to see what the payoff will be before they set aside their principles and climb aboard the New World Order Choo-Choo.

Me,  I'm waiting to see and watching the news.

Tom King - Flint, TX

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