Thursday, January 7, 2010

Watching from the Bushes

My friend, Jay and I watched Glenn Beck yesterday - a practice that does not benefit our blood pressures. I am of the opinion that the world is coming to an end.  Jay doesn't think so.  Three prominent Democrats have withdrawn from their respective senate races in the last couple of days, opening doors for Republicans. I'm betting it won't matter.

I hate being pessimistic when I am an optimist by nature, but I fully expect to be either jailed or hunted down by the Gestapo along with other Christians and conservatives in the coming decades. Seriously!

I have been watching things happen over the past 30 years that I used to read about in Revelation and think "How will that ever happen?"

Now not so much. I have a regular blog that started out grim, went light and humorous and now has slid back toward grim again. I'd like for my regular blog to be funny again, so I've decided to move my notes on the on-going Apocalypse to this page.  So here goes.....

January 7: Flint, TX:  Democrats have been dropping like flies in the past week. Three senators have announced they won't run in 2010. The wheeling and dealing behind closed doors, give us a hint of where things are going as the 2010 elections come on. This president has gone totally opaque after once promising to be the most transparent in history Something's up. I don't know what, but the Democrats aren't planning to lose this election. I wonder if there will ever be another free election in America's future.  It's going to be a horse race from now to November between the forces of good and evil and the bad guys don't play fair. There's a reason for the closed doors.

Tom King

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