Tuesday, February 5, 2019

What Orwell Was Really Afraid of.

Not one of these things was on Orwell's list.
Read the book or even watch the movie!
Not exactly what Orwell was afraid of. Actually, not one of these "nightmares" is in 1984. What Orwell was concerned about was:

1. The alteration of history to suit the narrative of the party.  (See University history departments)

2. The redefining of speech (political correctness) to suit the agenda of the party.
3. The media becoming a social engineering tool of the party.

4. The criminalization of heterosexuality.

5. The destruction of the family as the primary societal unit.

6. The attempt to mass engineer the gene pool by eliminating births among certain undesirable groups.

7. The enslavement of the proletariat to the elites of the party. In other words, treating most people as a homogeneous "mass" instead of individuals.

8. Phony wars on straw man targets to keep the proletariat afraid and supporting the party. For example, fighting against the war on women, the war on drugs and the supposed war on LGBTQ et a. Then there's the war they are waging against Conservatives, Christians and Republicans who are portrayed in the same way Big Brother portrayed East Asians, Eur-Asians and the followers of the imaginary "Goldman".  (Note the anti-Semitism, a strong feature of leftist thought these days.)

9. Big brother style surveillance - everywhere you go some camera is following you. You are forced to use public transportation so you can be tracked with your transit pass. You voluntarily participate in an electronic data collection system in which you provide all your personal information to digital databases that the party can access.

10. Encouragement of expressions of public hatred for party-selected public enemies and publicly sanctioned fear-based outrage toward enemies of the collectivist state. Exercising acceptable forms of hate through protests, suppression of conservative voices and banning of free speech by certain groups and individuals.

11. Suppression of wealth-generating activities. Wealthy, comfortable, independent people think unacceptable thoughts and say unacceptable things that are often critical of the state. Successful people give the masses the dangerous idea that they too might rise above their station through hard work and diligence.

12. Mass roundups and elimination of undesirable elements from the proletariat through state-sponsored law enforcement and government domestic military forces. See the harassment and sometimes prosecution of filmmakers, commentators and writers such as D'nesh D'Souza, and conservative groups by judges and federal agencies like the FBI and the IRS.

Orwell wasn't talking about Republicans. He wasn't talking about Christians. He wasn't talking about conservatives, doctors or pharmacists. He was talking about socialism in all its ultimately virulent political forms. And every one of those ideas, I've heard in conversation with my "progressive" friends. And they were serious. These are powers they wish to give to the government so long as it is a "progressive" and socialist government. These are tactics they advocate as a path to the human-created utopia.

It's like they long for the days of the rack and pinion, terrorist knights in armor, the guillotine, and the divine right of kings and nobles. Sounds more regressive than progressive to me.

© 2019 by Tom King

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John Chapman said...

Very true.

I woke up this morning with Free Speech on my mind.

Then I read your article.

I recently started reading "1984" for the first time. I am now understanding so much (even not having gone far into the book) what I've been hearing so much with in regards to this book - and our society.