Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Twenty-One Things Donald Trump Has Done That, As a Conservative, I Like

I remain skeptical of our new president, but he has done some things I like and I have to admire the man for keeping his promises to conservatives. And there is one really big reason to like the man, but here is a list and I'll save the best for last.

  1. Neil Gorsuch Supreme Court nomination and appointment. The man’s a rock-ribbed conservative constitutionalist. He won’t always make the right happy, but he’ll always do the right thing.
  2. Rex Tillerson – New Secretary of State is going about business without any regard for the tender feelings of the international socialist movement. Turns out, we’ve got an American for a Secretary of State. How cool is that?
  3. Ben Carson – I just love that he makes the left so nuts. Here’s a black man who believes that poverty is a state of mind. He’s right. One can escape poverty, but you have to not mind working without a net. Carson speaks the truth! And he’s shining a light on the corruption at HUD and cleaning house.
  4. Mad Dog Mattes – New Secretary of Defense.  ISIS is missing some people and we’ve delayed trying to go out and recruit sexually confused people until 2108. Note he didn’t cancel it. Simply delayed it till cooler heads hopefully prevail some time in the next 200 years.
  5. Betsy Devos – Secretary of Education.  Charter schools, competent teachers, getting the feds out of the education business. Love this lady!
  6. Elaine Chao – Secretary of Transportation. Loved her as Bush’s secretary of labor. I think she’ll bring the same level-headed cut-the-crap approach to the mess over at transportation.
  7. Jeff Sessions – Attorney General. It is such a relief to have a guy as the nation’s law enforcer who makes decisions based on whether a thing is legal and not on whether it makes lesbians, gays, transsexuals, Muslims, Democrats, communists, or Russia unhappy, but rather on whether it violates the law.
  8. Donald Trump talks around the mainstream media straight to the American people.  It’s not quite the way Ronald Reagan did (which also made the media frantic), but it’s fun to watch. He does not let the media define him and he’s willing to call Beezelbub by name. This makes the media insane, the spectacle of which I find quite entertaining to watch!
  9. The five-year ban on White House officials making a living by lobbying. Long, long, long, long overdue measure to stifle corruption.
  10. Popularized the term “fake news” and shined a bright light on the closet “making up the news” industry and named names. A president isn’t supposed to do that, but this one did. I’m sorry but I get a sadistic glee watching them skuttle for cover.
  11. The infamous travel ban!  Trump blocked travel from several countries that support terrorists (Obama wrote up that list) until we could get better security into place to screen out jihadis. Lib judges are still trying to find a way to block that.
  12. Cut money being sent over seas to fund abortion and repealed the Obama order forcing states to fund Planned Parenthood (a misnomer if there ever was one).
  13. Funding cut to sanctuary cities. If your city is defying federal law, it seems logical that they don’t need federal money. I’m not sure I’d have handled it so politely.
  14. Withdrew from the Paris "Climate" Accords – That so-called climate deal basically laid all the cost and work on the United States and transferred a boatload of American dollars into the pockets of the worst polluting nations on the planet, while wrecking the American Economy and doing nada for the climate.
  15. Did NOT bow to any foreign kings. WAAAY more presidential than the previous president who basically bent over and stuck up his bottom for King Abdulla to pat and tell him he was a good boy. It was pathetic. I noted he did not bow to Queen Elizabeth and gave her a book he wrote and returned a bust of Winston Churchill England had presented a previous president with.  Trump is way more class if you can believe. And his wife is very gracious out on the road.
  16. He cut about 7 million bucks worth of unnecessary folk from the White House staff. Melania will be polishing her own toes it appears or paying for that out of her own pocket. It sets a good example.
  17. Withdrew from the Trans Pacific Partnership. The badly lop-sided trade deal essentially transferred sovereignty over American economic interests to foreign nations. Bad for us, great for them. We needed to drop that turkey and Trump did.
  18. Approved the Keystone and Dakota Access pipelines. Took a lot of oil out of Warren Buffett’s more expensive choo-choos and tank cars (which, surprise, is why Buffet supported Obama’s ban on the pipeline), and put them in safer, pipelines rather than moving all that flammable material on our nations roads and railroad. Stationary pipes are safer than vehicles moving through our neighborhoods.
  19. Illegal immigration dropped like a stone after Trump was elected. It fell by 72% in the month after he was sworn in. Apparently the border patrol got the okay to step up enforcement. And they haven’t even built a wall yet.
  20. The economy kicked back into gear. I’ve got work again in the past six months. Now if he’d ditch Obamacare, maybe I could afford some health insurance and could get off Medicaid. I’m tired of being forced to be poor to avoid IRS fines.
  21. Last but not least, WE DO NOT HAVE HILLARY CLINTON AS PRESIDENT AND BILL BACK IN THE WHITE HOUSE CHASING INTERNS UP AND DOWN THE HALLS. That alone gives me a lot of patience with the Donald.

Donald Trump was not my first choice, nor was he my second or third. I didn’t vote for him, nor did I vote for Clinton. I’m still skeptical as all get-out about his sudden outbreak of conservatism, but he has at least racked up a pretty impressive opening salvo. I think he needs to become more skilled at using Twitter, but hey.  It’s entertaining and makes the media frantic, and, as I previously mentioned, this pleases me.

 © 2017 by Tom King

PS:  Make that 22. He just gave his first paycheck $78,000 to historic battlefield preservation - namely the Antietam battlefield.  Donors matched his donation to the tune of more than $265,000 and more than 7.2 million dollars in grants have been received toward the project according to the Secretary of the Interior.  Not bad Donny boy. Not bad at all.

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