Sunday, December 18, 2016

Environmentalist to Denier: "What about stewardship?"

Who's going to have the whole world in their hands?
That's the real question and militant environmentalists
believe they have the answer - more power in fewer hands.
In expressing my skepticism as to whether human-caused (anthropomorphic) climate change, someone who knows me for a Christian asked, "What about stewardship?

Well, what about it?

I believe in stewardship. I do. I think therefore that all of us should clean up our own messes. That doesn't mean we all have to become one giant Marxist collective and give up our freedom to decide for ourselves whether we want to drive a car or use public transportation, live in the city or the country, or start a business or work for a corporation or the government. 

What it's really all about is who makes the decisions. I believe decision-making should happen as close to the individual and his community as possible. I don't believe collectives are good for individuals or, for that matter, the Earth. We err when we place the kind of power a socialist government needs into the hands of the central planners who run it. And trust me when I tell you, the bulk of the environmentalist movement are died-in-the-wool progressive socialists who believe that the solution to the threat to the planet is collectivist global government and a massive reduction in population, mostly in Western nations for some reason. 

To save the planet we are told we must give up power to those who are smarter than we are and obey their directives as to where to live, what to eat, how to get around and how to educate our kids. In other words just grant them power and they will save us from a threat I frankly do not believe is so great we should bow to their golden ideological image.  The lust for power to, as the serpent in the Garden of Eden put it, " like gods" is dangerous. While most of those trying to put into place a kindly and benevolent powerful government may actually have the best of intentions, we must remember that the road to hell is paved with good intentions. Karl Marx truly believed that the rich were evil and that workers, if placed in charge of everything, would be good and benevolent. Turns out power attracts the corruptible and the finest most trusted leader in the world must one day hand off power to another, if someone doesn't stick a knife in him first and seize that power for himself. Do you see the danger?

The idea that some giant collectivist government can "save the planet" is merely propaganda designed to convince people to give up their freedom in exchange for the illusion of safety. It's all been tried before. The death toll was horrific and the destruction to the environment appalling. All at the hands of what was to have been a worker's paradise. Putting power in the hands of corruptible humans for whatever ostensible reason (saving the planet, saving the poor, saving the peace) is always a mistake. As CS Lewis put it:

Just sayin'

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