Sunday, November 15, 2015

If They Can Declare a Jihad, Why Can't We Call for a Crusade

It's all going to end in Armageddon anyway.

ISIS just released a statement praising the Jihadi attacks on Paris.  They were very open about the attacks being their doing as part of their jihad against "the capital of prostitution and vice and the lead carrier of the cross in Europe - Paris."  They called the killers martyrs and the murdered French, "crusaders".

Having declared war on the "Crusaders" and clearly identified these crusaders as carriers of the cross, ISIS has openly declared war. Given the history, perhaps it is time for another "Crusade" - this time against ISIS. It doesn't appear that ISIS will stop murdering innocents until we make the organization and it's "caliphate" (a powerful idea in Islamic theology) extinct.

Of course, immediately many readers will raise hell with me about the use of the term Crusades because as "everybody knows", the Crusades were an evil war perpetrated against innocent Muslims who were going about their own business and harming no one. President Bush let slip the word "Crusade" and drew almost universal condemnation from media, foreign leaders and every "progressive" on the planet. The only problem with that totally negative image of the Crusades is that, although, the Crusades were certainly used by popes and potentates in cahoots with each other for the purpose of thinning out the herds of war-like and dangerous European knights and barons by ordering them off on a religious war, the war itself had another very real and important purpose.  In the years prior to the first Crusade, Muslim jihad had swept Christian nations in North Africa and Asia Minor and even into Europe.

Charles Martel, the leader of the Frank, saw Christian European provinces falling one after another to the Muslim heavy cavalry of Abdul Rahman. Out-numbered, Martel made a stand at Tours, France. the Muslims had penetrated into west central France, not far from Paris. It was the first time infantry had ever withstood a heavy cavalry charge in Battle. In the meantime, some of Martels men sneaked behind Rahman's lines and began liberating prisoners that the Muslims were holding. The Muslim cavalry saw what was happening and thought the French were stealing their plunder and broke off the attack to save their spoils. Once the retreat began, Martel pursued them right out of the country.

People don't realize how close Europe came to becoming a vassal state of Islam. The Crusades pushed back the Muslims out of Europe, including Spain and the Balkans. The Crusades pushed the Islamic conquerors back, but even then a lot of Christian nations that had fallen were never recovered. That's about to happen again. The Armies of Islam (at least the fanatic fundamentalist side of Islam) are on the march.

Now we are told by apologists for terrorism not to worry that only a small percentage of Muslims are militant Jihadis. Let's look at the actual number for a second. Small percentages have a way of working out to a lot of actual people.  There are 1.57 billion Muslims in the world.  Of that number,
polls (even those conducted by Muslim organizations and Muslim apologists) estimate show that between 12 and 34 percent of all Muslims approve of terrorist activities. Muslim apologists generally reduce that number to a paltry 1%. Okay, lets say that only 1% of Muslims are hard-core terrorists. That means there are some 157 MILLION hard core jihadis. In an attempt to slim that number down some "authorities" reduce that number to .01% or a tenth of a percent. Even then, that works out to an intolerable 15.7 million hard core jihadis.

At the lowest estimate the apologists for terrorism can transmorgrify the actual number of fanatics into, there would still be more than 15 million jihadis out there, who thoroughly approve of making Christians and Jews an extinct species.  And that's the LOW estimate. One Muslim poll says 49% of Muslims approve of suicide bombing. That's almost 8 billion people who think terrorism is just dandy.

None of the numbers for any other terrorist groups even remotely approaches that number. Giving them the benefit of the doubt and assuming, that it is the lower number, that's a whole major religious group that is dangerous and dedicated to destroying Western civilization. Anyone who thinks that's not a serious threat to all we hold dear is either living in Colorado and overdoing the hashish or have very serious case of self-loathing.

And if anybody doesn't think that big of group of people making war on Christianity isn't going to cause us to bunch up in unhealthy ways, then they don't know Satan's tactics very well. He's always got at least two things going so that whichever side wins, it's a victory for him. The good guys seldom win. Most of the time we simply escape with our hides intact if we're lucky or drop a couple of A-Bombs on the bad guys to quiet them down. The devil always manages to work things out in his favor, though and take us one step closer to the Apocalypse.

Perhaps we'll finish off ISIS on the Plain of Megiddo. Perhaps, by then, it won't matter who wins and Jesus will have to come and rescue whatever good guys are left. I shall be hunkered down waiting for him.

Tom King
© 2015

Why do we not embrace the label "Crusader"?  That's what we need right now.

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