Monday, August 24, 2015

How Do You Solve a Problem Like the Trumpster?

Trump - It's all about the power!
How can people be so angry and frustrated that they will seize on a huckster like Trump to pin their hopes for America upon? The man changes political parties every two or three years, he's personal friends with the Clintons (they came to his wedding), he's supported more Democrat candidates financially than you can shake a stick at and he's bilked people on Mexican land deals, bankrupted his way to riches and builds monuments to himself.

And if that's not enough in the way of flaws in Trump as a candidate for President, there's the glaring evidence that the man seems to be clueless to the fact that we KNOW that combover is hiding either a bald head or failed hair plugs. 

I want a president who is more self-aware and less full of himself. All Donald Trump is good at is saying things loudly and with authority so that the less-than-critically-minded line up behind him. I won't vote for him. I don't trust him. 

If it comes down to Trump on the Republican ticket, I'll write in Ben Carson even if he's not on the ballot. I want a president who unites, not divides; who believes in Americans and the American ideal of hard work, fair play and getting the government out of the way of small business.

Trump is the epitome of the evil corporations that Democrats profess to hate and then turn around and protect when they are running the government. Hell, Trump has been a Democrat off and on his whole life. Whatever party takes him to power, that's Trump's party. He's mastered the art of saying things frustrated Americans feel, out loud and with authority. Trump is the kind of guy who crushes his competition and will step over anybody blocking his path to the top and he's not above playing Pied Piper to the discontented in order to build an army to support himself and his ambitions. 

Trump is not a nice man. He's like one of those evil guard dogs - a Doberman whose skull is so thin it squishes his brain and makes him nasty. People like to have an evil dog because it growls, shows its fangs and barks menacingly and frightens away the bad guys. What they don't stop to think about is that such a dog will also try to take charge of their home when burglars aren't around and will dominate those who thought they were going to be his masters.

Be very afraid of a Trump presidency, my friends. Remember, Hitler, during his early years, said a lot of things the Germans wanted to hear and criticized the people they wanted someone to criticize. He expressed their frustration with the Weimar government and did so loudly and with authority. The only problem was that, when they put him in power, bad things began to happen rather quickly. 

So how do you solve the Trumpster problem for the Republicans without alienating his supporters?  You unite all the other candidates, find someone who is attractive to the Trumpettes and to everyone else and nominate them by acclamation. You don't actually call them Trumpettes by the way. I can get away with it. The Republicans cannot. I see The Donald as a spoiler; a stealth candidate designed to fracture the conservative vote and preserve the win for Donald's good friend Hillary. I'm not sure Trump even wants the White House other than as a sop to his ego. It would cramp his party boy lifestyle. Whatever happens clear-headed conservatives need to keep hitting on his spotty record as a faux conservative. Keep hammering on the sins in his past and on his Bozo the Clown hair - not so much that people feel sorry for him, but enough to make him a figure of fun.

There's a reason the media haven't chewed him up. They are waiting for the last few months of the race; after the primaries. Then they are going to pour it all out on him in rivers. If, as I suspect, he's a stealth candidate, he's probably expecting it.  There's MY conspiracy theory for the week.

  Character is everything. Trump has no detectible character that I can see; only avarice and the lust for power. I've seen him on "The Apprentice". I've heard him speak. He makes my skin crawl even when he is saying things you wish you could say to the powers-that-be. But like that Doberman with the thin skull, he may be useful in attacking the bad guys, but at the same time, you don't want him taking the bad guys' places either.

Just sayin'.

Tom King © 2015

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