Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Lying For the Lord and Obama - Where's the Lightning?

I hate when someone catches me trusting them and I share a phony post, quote, video or news item. I always go back and take it down, but I do so hate being made a tool for liars. Sadly, the person I got it from may actually have been suckered himself. You really have to check everything you post these days, even if it comes from someone you trust.

Ironically, it is trustworthy people who tend to be fooled most easily by liars because trustworthy people tend to trust others and are therefore easier to fool than untrustworthy people who don't trust anyone. So, as cautious and skeptical as you want to be, my trustworthy friends, somebody's going to lie to you largely because you do trust them.

These people have somehow come to the ludicrous conclusion that they can serve the cause of truth by making stuff up. This kind of stuff happens all the time. It is particularly noxious when someone makes up something from whole cloth about God or religion - as though God needs some good PR and the only way He can get it is if you make up nice-sounding lies about things He's done. It's not any nicer when the lie is for a political cause as I view politics as something of an extension of religion anyway. People aren't quite as stupid as you think they are and if they figure out that you've lied to them, well...............

That's when the torches and pitchforks tend to come out.

So, cut it out guys okay? You aren't helping your cause!


Mark Milliorn said...

Of course Democrats lie. You don't expect them to talk about their accomplishments, do you?

Tom King said...
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Tom King said...

I've heard Democrats talk about their accomplishments, Mark. I had to make them stop. It was just too depressing.