Monday, July 21, 2014

Still Training Our Kids for the Arms Factories

Only in an obsessive-compulsive nation could you get
this many people to stand it neat lines waiting to be killed.
© 2014 by Tom King

Does it bother anyone else that, after nearly a century of evidence that it isn't working very well, we continue to educate our children in a school system designed by the same folk who gave the world extermination camps that conducted a ludicrously rigid accounting of every comb, button and gold tooth of every human being they murdered?

In the early 20th century, we, in the United States, adopted the German graded education system with division into classes by age, not by ability and standardized testing and number grades instead of measures of skills mastery.

The German Kindergarten system was designed to teach kids to show up on time, sit down, shut up, do repetitive work, conform and obey orders. Perfect if you are training future workers for the Krupwerks Munition Factories. Not so perfect for training the children of America, most of whose parents left their countries of origin in the first place in order to avoid raising their kids in just such societies. It's little wonder our kids are still having trouble learning a hundred years later. We've got a generation of restless, independent, genetically ADD American children crammed into a school system originally designed by obsessive compulsive Prussians to insure their own children understood what obsessive compulsive behaviors were expected of them.

And care to guess which nation does more scientific studies than any other on the subject of what to do to make ADD kids settle down and conform?

Yup. the Germans!

Just sayin'

Tom King

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