Friday, January 3, 2014

There You Go Again.....The Paulestinians Stretch Another Conspiracy Theory to Ludicrous Lengths

The rumors of Judge Napolitano's banishment from
FOX News have been greatly exaggerated.

The Paulestinians are at it again. Apparently, Judge Napolitan's show on Fox Business will be cancelled, although the judge will remain a Fox contributor. A recent bit of political conspiracy spam has popped up saying a specific speech more than 8 months earlier was the reason he was fired.

This is because someone found a Napolitano piece that mentioned Ron Paul favorably and tried to connect it to the cancellation of his show.  Never mind that Napolitano did this piece two years ago. Never mind that Fox was already planning a program shuffle before Napolitano did this report. Never mind that the Judge did a major piece on Fox News just last week. Never let a little thing like the truth get in the way of a good conspiracy theory.

The Paulestinian, conspiracy junkies, every ready to stretch a suspicion to ludicrous lengths, call an unrelated Freedom Watch segment the so-called "speech that got him fired" and run it as a breaking news story.  Since Napolitano was "fired", the Judge has been on Fox as a commentator and reporter so often most people didn't realize his regular show was gone.  It really seems unlikely that Fox would keep giving him feature stories for almost two years after they "fired" him for mentioning the almighty Ron Paul with suitable (for Libertarians anyway) reverence. And he's done some even more controversial pieces since then.

It looks like the Paulistas would get tired of this nonsense after a while. They really are starting to make conservatives look bad. Let me say this one more time and since the forces de' Paul seem to prefer to write in all caps let me as one of the Bible's minor prophets put it, "Write it with large letters so that he who runs may read it":


Stop it, please.

Just sayin'

Tom King © 2013

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