Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Amazon Warehouse - "Long Hours, Harsh Working Conditions"

What we gonna do tonight, Jeffy?
Well, "Boo-hoo." 

Mitch Wagner whinges this week about working conditions at's warehouse in a book review on Internet Evolution. The book he reviewed (and no I'm not giving you a link to it), is another one of those smug "potshots at the big dog" type of expose's and who needs 'em?

Okay, admittedly I'm an old guy (59) and to youthful pundits, blogging in their t-shirts, my opinion counts for little, but since when does a warehouse without air-conditioning qualify as harsh working conditions? It's a warehouse for crying out loud! Long hours, little chance of promotion, pressure to work fast? In the dictionary under "warehouse" it should say, "Long hours, little chance of promotion, pressure to work fast". These conditions are why our mothers want us to go to college people." Crappy working conditions are what you get if you are "too cool for school" dudes! Be happy. At least you have a roof over your head. You could be schlepping steel plates around a staging yard in the winter in the middle of a Blue Norther that's blowing stuff that is just east of being snow and west of being hail!  Now them's harsh working conditions!

Wagner also "wonders" about the wisdom of Amazon founder, Jeff Bezos,' strategy of plowing all Amazon's profits back into the company. Well why not?  The thing ought to be a nonprofit corporation for all the companies it is keeping alive and helping to prosper during this mini-depression through sales partnerships with Amazon. Wagner, himself, admits that his clothes and practically everything else within sight of his webcam are all Amazon purchases. When he worries about Amazon's profits, he doesn't consider that everyone selling on Amazon is making profits. So long as Bezos keeps drawing his considerable paycheck, I don't think he's terribly worried about current profits. Wagner asks when Amazon is going to make a profit. Perhaps, Mitch, you should ask the ultimate question of life, the universe and everything else. 

To wit, "What we gonna do tonight, Jeffy?"

"Same thing we do every night, Mitchy. "TRY TO TAKE OVER THE WORLD!"

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