Thursday, June 28, 2012

Told You He Was Gonna Tax You!

by Tom King (c) 2012

Today's Supreme Court Ruling upholding Obamacare feels like a loss for conservatives.  Actually, Judge Roberts may have done us a favor. He voted with the libs because of one thing that conservatives have been harping on since the so-called "Affordable Healthcare Act" was passed.

Obamacare is a TAX.

It is a tax on the middle class. It is a tax on the lower class. If you can't afford health insurance, you'll just have to pay 1% of your income to the IRS. 

Obamacare, therefore, is a tax on the very poorest among us and the middle class.

Don't expect the Democrats to rush to repeal Obamacare simply because it breaks a campaign promise. They talk a lot about unfare taxation of the poor, but apparently it won't matter.  Of course, since most of the poorest don't pay taxes it probably won't matter.  They'll just get a smaller tax "refund" (which might be considered a tax, mightn't it?).  The middle class will certainly get nailed by this tax by being forced to buy health insurance.  If they choose not to, they'll pay a tax to cover part of the administrative costs of Obamacare and what good with that do for healthcare in America.  If the middle class all buy health insurance, they won't pay the 1% tax and then who will pay the Obamacare admin costs?

Watch for new taxes in other places or increased healthcare costs to cover the massive government bureaucracy that must arise to make Obamacare happen.

Meanwhile the rich, who have already paid protection money to the Democrats in the form of campaign contributions, will continue to pay for their healthcare out of pocket change and their lives will be affected not at all.

It's too bad the government is getting into healthcare.  The costs can be expected to skyrocket just like they did for college tuition when the feds got into the business of paying for that.

Too bad too.  Medicine had actually begun to respond to surging healthcare costs to address some of the gaps in the system through entrepeneurial and philanthropic means - quite without the help of government, thank you very much. There is actually a developing segment of medicine that has begun offering lower priced out-of-pocket healthcare for people like me who can't afford $300 a month for health insurance. These low cost clinics are probably doomed to be closed, because most of them achieve their low cost by NOT taking health insurance or medicare reimbursement.

I paid $200 total for my healthcare last year including meds. I'll pay less this year because I was a new patient last year and had to pay for all the new patient startup costs. The place I went to was a PA clinic. They gave me a checkup and re-prescribed my blood pressure meds.  I got the Wal-Mart generic meds (my doc has their list) and I only paid $10 for a three month supply.   

I can afford that.  Under the Obamacare Tax, I'd have had to pay an additional $1,300 for the same care, would still have paid pretty much the same but it would have been called a "copay" and for fun, I would have had to file a bunch of paperwork to boot.

Oh, how liberals love their paperwork.

Okay, gang, here's your mantra:   "Obamacare is a tax on the middle class."

Keep repeating that till November!*


*My friend Atom Ant also pointed out this little poison pill for the Democrats lurking in this Supreme Court Decision.  "By calling it a tax it now only takes 51 Senate votes to remove the law... Roberts is a genius! If it was not a tax it would require reconciliation... 60 votes."

In other words it only takes the Republicans winning a one vote majority in November to have enough to repeal this turkey.  Don't forget to vote!

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