Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Oh, Goody. Another 9/11 Truther Article

It's what I just live for....
by Tom King (c) 2011

A friend sent a link to me today to an article on (Oh, joy, oh rapture) The "Truth" about 9/11 and why we are all stupid if we deny that it was a government conspiracy.

It just never gets old with the "truthers".  They're almost as much fun as the "birthers" and the Elvis Ain't Dead Society. Got another link to a rambling post about how the truther's have it right and everybody else has it wrong.

I'm expected to believe that the same government that can't keep a Congressman's dalliance with the House pages quiet, managed to suppress all hint of the planning of a highly complex domestic terror attack from thousands of police officers, FBI, CIA and NSA agents (not to mention NCIS). I'm supposed to believe that technicians wired hundreds of carefully timed explosives without detection in a building that is full of people 24 hours a day - an explosives demolition job I might add that would require hundreds of expert demolitions people working surreptitiously without detection. And of the thousands involved in the conspiracy, I should also accept that no one talked about it to anyone beforehand; no one warned his Uncle Lou or his Cousin Bob (the sane one, not the crazy one that was recently abducted by aliens and returned to Earth with mind-reading powers); no one noticing that truckloads of unsupervised dynamite or C4 or whatever the latest exotic explosive touted by some impossible to follow up "expert" was being purchased and carried up into a building that had already been targeted once for destruction by Al Quaeda. What? Was Pres. Clinton responsible for that one and I missed the broadcast on KNUT - Paranoia Radio.

Oh, and you'd have had to actually find hundreds if not thousands of Americans who could live with their consciences about killing thousands of their fellow Americans - men, women and children in cold blood - not to mention the hijackers to fly the planes into the buildings to "fake" the attack. Now what exactly was the hijackers' motivation again?  Let me get this straight. They WANTED a nice war in Iraq so that 26,000 Al Quaeda soldiers and leaders could die at the hands of soldiers, SEALS and marines.  Oh, I know what it must be.  They all had Halliburton stock that was going to jump right up after 9/11. The flaw in that is that everybody's stock kinda dropped like a stone after 9/11 and besides they were dead so it's not like it would matter to them.

The truth about 9/11 is that if you hit a skyscraper with 70,000 or so pounds of fully loaded commercial airliner, then burn the upper stories with a full load of highly volatile aviation fuel, that skyscraper is likely going to fall down once stories start pancaking down on one another. The real miracle is that the whole thing didn't fall over sideways, but remained upright.  It was BECAUSE it was so well-engineered that the building remained upright - silly engineers were afraid some hurricane or high winds might tip the building by applying too much lateral force so the thing was structurally designed to remain vertical which is why they collapsed the way they did.

The truth about 9/11 is that people would rather believe in some vast government conspiracy that makes absolutely no sense whatsoever and which nobody could ever hope to get away with in the first place, than to deal with the appalling fact that a handful of nut cases with the will and the determination and what, to an Arab oil sheik is but a handful of change could reach out and murder 3000 people without warning. It could happen at any time, anywhere, no matter how hard we try to protect our borders, no matter how hard we try to appease anyone out there who happens to be mad at us.

The best we can do is go over there and murder THE TERRORISTS in their beds. Oh, wait, that's what we're trying to do. Going after the actual guys who did this stuff - now there's an unusual idea. (By the way, I'm NOT advocating the slaughter of innocent Muslims I want to be very clear on that).

The HUGE surprise about this article was the Ron Paul ad at the bottom. I'm just totally shocked. I always thought those guys were so sane and rational................oh, wait. That was Rue Paul supporters I'm thinking of.


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