Thursday, March 24, 2011

Infiltration - The Greatest Threat to the Tea Party Movement

(c) 2011 by Tom King

The dreaded two-faced troll.
Lost a couple of friends this past week. One I blocked. He's a "moderate' and we've had some interesting discussions, but lately he's allowed a phony conservative to post bigoted racist comments while posing as a Christian and good conservative. Any real conservative would have been kicked off Leon's threads for that, but this cartoon "redneck teabagger" has been allowed to post with impunity. I think they're hoping he'll help them "out" conservatives like me that they are sure really are closet bigots, but we're just pretending to believe the things we say. They I've discovered that progressives hate reasonable conservatives.

The second guy defriended me after he launched an attack on Glenn Beck, hot on the heels of one on Sarah Palin. Skip's pretended to be a conservative for a long time, but he's struck me as a bit too organized for what he purports to be - just a guy talking about politics. The 2012 election is approaching and progressives know that the conservative opposition MUST be disorganized and fractured as it was in 2008 if they have a hope of a chance at getting this president re-elected.

Subterfuge is one of the devil's most cherished tools. Sewing confusion and discord is one of his favorite methods of over-coming the forces of goodness and light. And you needn't ask - I absolutely believe my side is the side of the angels just as progressives believe their path is the righteous and holy way to world peace. Why should I not believe we are doing God's work in defending liberty and the constitutional principles this country was founded on? Why should we be ashamed of that?

Subterfuge works like this. You send imposters into the ranks of your enemy. They attack your morale, sew confusion in the ranks and do their best to sully your reputation at large by committing heinous acts in your name.

Based on what I've observed in the past months, there seems to be an organized effort to attack the Tea Party from within. It's difficult to do since the Tea Party movement has no elected leaders. That's why so-called tea-baggers are such a danger to the progressive movement. The "leaders" are all at that local level by and large. Without a central brain, the beast is too hard to kill. The progressives are adept at neutralizing centrally-organized groups like the Republican Party by going after their leadership. Leaders make an easy target and the Republican Party leadership is pretty well riddled after years of focused attacks by progressives.

The only thing remotely like leaders the Tea Party has are Sarah Palin, Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh and the rest of the talk radio lot.  Their apparent strategy right now appears to be to go after Palin and Beck by appearing to snipe at their credibility from within the Tea Party itself. It's as though somebody recently signalled the trolls and sleeper cells to start finding fault with Palin and Beck. There was first a Palin wave and now they're hitting Beck. I believe, you are going to hear a lot more anti-Palin and anti-Beck stuff coming out on the conservative blogs and forums in the coming months. At this point, they only take occasional swipes at Rush as he's far too well-respected and too cagey an old bird to be much damaged by that sort of thing. But you can tell they are watching for a chink in El Rushbo's armor.

The purpose of all of this is to occupy conservatives by encouraging them to snipe at one another instead of at the president. For those still interested in an honest discussion about conservative issues', that's still to be had out there. As for the trolls and imposters that keep popping up among us? I'd just ignore them. Don't let them lure you into anger or name-calling. It doesn't help the cause at all. 

Take a cue from my favorite conservative, Ronald Reagan. It's best to simply be above that sort of thing. Say your peace and ignore the yapping lap dogs that nip at your heels - no matter how tempting it is to occasionally punt one of them through the nearest open window.

Just my opinion,

Tom King

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