Monday, July 12, 2010

Preparing for the Coming of the People

Soldiers and barriers were everywhere for the 4th of July weekend at the National Mall according to some reports.  This is something new.  Movement through the Mall was rather restricted and soldiers were checking for weapons at every checkpoint.  You wonder whether the administration is trying to set a precedent for showing a tough front before the August Rally.  I don't think they want the upcoming Restoring Honor event to go well and may use "security" as a barrier.  I hope not.  I hope they are better than that, but I don't think this administration wants to meet up with this many of these kinds of people - not in their worst nightmares, let alone in broad daylight in front of the Lincoln Memorial.

Can't wait to see what they put up for the Restoring Honor event Glenn Beck has been organizing for August 28. At one point, last winter, the park service had said they would allow no more Martin Luther King type gatherings of the people on the National Mall anymore after this rally.  If it's still true, it's a sad thing.  I can't find any mention of it in the Park Service website.  I hope they've changed their mind.  The National Mall is the great forum of the United States where free people can gather on the property they paid for with their blood, sweat, tears and taxes to speak their mind.

Even if it makes us targets for terrorism, we should have the right to assemble in defiance of those who would crush liberty. We mustn't start another civil war as some of the goofs on the radical right and left would if given half the chance.  We must exercise the rights given us in the constitution and make ourselves heard in a powerful way.  We must make the arrogant lawmakers and bureaucrats peek out the blinds from their office windows in terror of the throngs of ordinary Americans peacefully assembled with nought but their votes as weapons.  We must make them see that we mean business - on 8/28 and on the first Tuesday in November and on every day after that.

As world history teaches, freedom is a fragile thing and more than once has been sold for the proverbial mess of pottage.  We're a representative democracy. Let's not let our representatives make it a representative autocracy.


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