Friday, March 11, 2016

The Brightest Lights Will Go Out - Ben Carson's Betrayal

When I woke up to the news this morning, I felt like I'd been stabbed in the heart. The one man in the whole presidential race I thought I could trust just endorsed the one man I know I cannot.

I am a Seventh-day Adventist - Dr. Carson's church. I've watched with dismay as the predictions of Ellen G. White, one of the founders of our church have come true one after another. One of her warnings was that at the end some of the brightest lights would go out.  And I've watched one after another betray the faith for self-glory. It happened again this morning.

Dr. Carson's endorsement of Donald Trump is beyond the pale. I've already time and again explained why I believe that he is incredibly dangerous for America if we give him power. I and thousands of others appealed to Dr. Carson to hold the course and not endorse the man who will be the death of our last hope to save, not just the Republican Party, but the nation as well.

Ben, if you wanted to throw in with the devil, you could hardly have picked a better representative to hook up with. Maybe you got fixated on the anti-political correctness thing. Perhaps he offered you a job in the palace. I was disappointed when Sarah Palin went over to the dark side, but when you did this morning, I was devastated. I'm being taunted by Trump supporters now who say some of the vilest things about anyone who dares support their glorious leader. They're already calling Trump supporters "the people". Next thing we know the United States will become a People's Democratic Republic. Then, Trump will go on to commit the war crimes he's promised to force our military to commit, nationalize healthcare into a single-payer system as he's promised (I don't care what he's told you - he'll say anything to close a deal and then swindle his partners later) and only God knows what other hellish deals he's got cooked up.

I feel like one of the Germans that opposed Adolph Hitler when everyone was shouting about how he was going to "...make Germany great again!" Those guys didn't last long as I remember. Members of our church in Germany went over to the Fuehrer to save themselves. It's a most shameful incident in church history.  If the whole "make America great again sounds familiar?  You may have actually read your history books in high school and college, so it should.  I promise, if you hang around the Trump camp long enough, they'll have you in one of those "Make America Great Again" hats of his and giving those one-armed salutes and pledging loyalty at his rallies.

God has promised to protect us in the end of this world, but not if we join the enemy camp. One of our brightest lights went out today. I pray God will deliver your soul, for I fear you have sold it to the devil, Doctor.


Tom King
© 2016

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Mark Milliorn said...

I don't think anyone can understand this. It makes no sense. It makes me question whether reason and logic still exist in this election year.